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You are on the official web site of RE-MI D.O.O. (AIR 'N' SHOX GROUP) and MILAN MARJANOVIĆ S.P. (AIR 'N' SHOX Suspension Service Center) Linhartova cesta 40, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU ("RE-MI TRGOVINA" or the Company "MILAN MARJANOVIĆ S.P ."). Thank you for your visit on our website and wish you a pleasant browsing. In order to ensure correct usage and understanding of the material published on the website, as well as the entire contents, please read and follow notification.

All information on this site is subject to notification of the limitation of liability, copyright notice and personal data protection as follows. By visiting the websites AIR 'N' SHOX or any of its parts you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice. If you partially or totally disagree with them, we suggest you do not browse the website of AIR 'N' SHOX or its contents.


If it is not explicitly mentioned otherwise, all information on the website of AIR 'N' SHOX exclusively devoted to informative use and does not generate any legal effects. The information on this website do not constitute an offer by AIR 'N' SHOX and can not in any way be interpreted as such.

The company AIR 'N' SHOX strives to make the information on the website of AIR 'N' SHOX always up to date and correct, but the information may although contain errors or omissions for which AIR 'N' SHOX is not responsible.

Although the company AIR 'N' SHOX is trying to minimize technical errors as much as possible, they can not be entirely ruled out. AIR 'N' SHOX assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the operation, improper operation, failure of these or inability to access this Website.

AIR 'N' SHOX may whenever and without prior warning or notice partially or fully move, change or remove their own website and does not assume responsibility for any consequences associated with this.

Some of the products, product information, and their presentation on website are presented for informational purposes only. Discrepancies between the appearance on the website and the actual products or product information may exist. All products are not available in all countries, in others they are available only with certain specifications or configurations. Actual information on a given product availability and specifications in a single country are available at the company AIR 'N' SHOX or an authorized local dealer. AIR 'N' SHOX GROUP explicitly reserves the right to change specifications about design, equipment and supplies, at its discretion and without any prior notice.

Website AIR 'N' SHOX may contain links to other websites. AIR 'N' SHOX assumes no responsibility for the content, correctness, accessibility, safety or any other aspect of such Web pages, which are accessed through external links from websites AIR 'N' SHOX. The use of third-party websites is subject to terms of use of the respective websites.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit AIR 'N' SHOX GROUP 's liability in cases when AIR 'N' SHOX is in contravention of any requirements pursuant to applicable laws, or to exclude its liability when it may not be excluded under the respective law.

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The entire contents of the websites AIR 'N' SHOX, including, but not limited to texts, graphic design, images, photographs, files (audio, video, animation, etc.), as well as its layout are subject to copyright protection or industrial property rights and / or other rights.

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Promotional material published on the website (such as calendars, leaflets, advertisements, wallpapers and videos) under the tab promotion is intended for private domestic use and without the explicit prior written consent of AIR 'N' SHOX can not be used or distribute for a different purpose or for any other commercial purposes. Where the use of the material requires prior consent, such consent replaces the general consensus of this notice and accurately define any restrictions on use. In any case, the said materials must not be modified in any manner and must include reference to the source and the copyright and / or other rights of AIR 'N' SHOX.

The company AIR 'N' SHOX is particularly attentive to possible cases of a violation of copyright and industrial property rights. If you are familiar with the use of any copyright or industrial property rights, contrary to this notice, please write to or other available contact information. Details of the notification of suspected violations will be treated as confidential.

Privacy statement:

The company AIR 'N' SHOX recognizes the importance of the protection of personal data, in accordance with all legal requirements and uses software and technical resources to ensure the protection and prevention of unauthorized use of personal data.

In order to improve the user experience and enabling more efficient browsing when you visit the website AIR 'N' SHOX, on device through which you open Web page cookies may be uploaded. More information about the use of Web cookies can be found in the Policy on Web cookies by AIR 'N' SHOX.

Access to certain content on the website is possible only with the indication of certain personal data (eg. When subscribing to a newsletter of company AIR 'N' SHOX). In these cases, the user is informed by a notice on the protection of personal data by entering the relevant section of the website.

Applicable law:

This web site (including the legal notice) is assessed under Slovenian law. To deal with all disputes relating to this website is sole responsibility of the Slovenian courts.

If you notice any errors or inaccuracies on a website or if you have any other questions regarding to this legal notice, we are available for explanations on or other published contact details.

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