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Dear visitor,

In order to improve the user experience and the operation of website, AIR 'N' SHOX monitors visits of our website. In relation to that and in relation with the possibility of sharing content on social networks when you visit the website AIR 'N' SHOX to the device through which you open Web page, this can upload the website cookies.

Cookies are small files stored online through browser settings. It is used by almost every website. Web browser transfers them at the first visit of website. At the next visit of the same page using the same device browser can verify that the cookie that contains the name of the page is already present. With affirmative answer it uses data from the cookie and through cookie communicates with website. The site gets the information that user has already visited it, and may in some cases be adjusted in the content displayed to each user, which can improve the user experience.

The company AIR 'N' SHOX transfer non-urgent cookies to a device through which you open Web site only if you agree to it by clicking on "I agree with the use of Web cookies" in the pop-up box on the website. Otherwise AIR 'N' SHOX non-urgent cookies are not transferred, which can cause certain restrictions on the user experience when browsing the website of AIR 'N' SHOX.

By clicking on "I agree with the use of Web cookies" you explicitly confirm that you have read and understand the policy of cookies of other operators. At the same time you acknowledge that you agree with transmission of these cookies on your device, through which you open Web page, and that you agree a potential use of the information collected through the above cookies of other operators.

Website AIR 'N' SHOX uses the following cookies:
Cookies - ARRAffinity
Duration - Current session
Description: This cookie is used for server load balancing mechanism and ensure that requests are consistently routed to the optimum server.
Cookies - WAWebSiteSID
Duration - Current session
Description:This cookie is used to identify the server instance that will service a browser requests.
Cookies - Cid
Duration - 2 Years
Description:The cookie keeps randomly generated code that represents the user identifier. It is used to distinguish between users.
If you want to block or erase cookies, you can do it within web browser settings that you use. Most browsers allow you to accept, reject or delete cookies, so in order to delete cookies, please read the operating instructions of the browser you are using. If there are any problems with blocking or deleting cookies or if you raise any other questions related to this policy, you may also contact our technical support that is available on the e-mail address: or other published contact details.

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