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AIR 'N' SHOX – Since 2012.

The story about service suspension in AIR 'N' SHOX can be short with very little description: simply one of the best service centers in Europe for MTB and MOTO Suspension. But the company AIR 'N' SHOX deserves more than a statement of fact, it deserves a brief look into the thinking of the company founder Milan Marjanovic who began servicing bicycles in 1995 and has gained valuable experience since then. Extremely young kid who spent most of his time devoted to professional cycling and servicing of bicycles had enormous desire for riding his bike on challenging singletracks, led him to focus on suspension settings, as well as the whole bicycle. He always wanted to know how the suspension works and what lies inside the suspension. His passion to work in service led him to be one of the first who reworked the elastomer suspension into airspring suspension
Today he impresses his customers as well as business partners from Europe and other parts of the world and on his way to a perfect service he uses his broad experience from racing. We are all led by same passion – superior suspension that enables most comfortable ride. Passion without which nowadays professional service just would not be what it is today in a mountain bike and motor industry. We are servicing any suspension forks and shock absorbers practically from all of the leading manufacturers in entry level, mid and higher range. In addition to a standard suspension service we are also dedicated to modifying and professional tuning for various globally recognized brands.


Full heart commitment and no compromise at quality of service has always proved to be correct approach. That being reason AIR 'N' SHOX has by far the highest confidence among all competitors in this highly demanding industry. The secret lies in passionate love for perfect functioning, which gives us the boldness and courage to create.
The company AIR 'N' SHOX is well aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility to employees, which represent the essence of each company and are thus also crucial for successful business development and high-quality customer service as well as product sales.
For our sstaff we create a healthy environment and enable them to successfully reconcile family and professional life. Visions and ideas on how to improve the best are based on achievements of the company AIR 'N' SHOX. Our story is based on excellence in education, highly qualified, dedicated and passionate employees.

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